When Mythbusters Goes Wrong – House Smashed, Minivan Battered

Bleeding Cool says

A new Mythbusters stunt has gone really rather wrong and while nobody was hurt, amazingly and thankfully, a couple of houses and a minivan took a good whupping.

The test involved firing a cannonball, supposedly into a series of trashcans filled with water. But something went wrong and they shot it seven hundred yards into a housing estate. It smashed through one house, crossed a road, skittered another and ended up ploughing into a minivan.

How did it happen? Discovery issued this statement:

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Crazay2634d ago

Holy crap man - that is some crazy damage done. It's incredible that no one was hurt or even killed during these events.

Crazay2634d ago

I found it to be rather funny too. That's one hell of a bounce if you ask me.

pomoluese2634d ago

I'm surprised it's taken this long to have something go awry.

killershadow1172634d ago

Is it just me or did the cop sound like he was something that someone quickly jotted down when the mythbusters were explaining what happened. Slow its trajectory?

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