Downey Jr: “Iron Man 3 Is Probably The Best Script I Read In 5 Years”

Robert Downey Jr. shares his love for the new 'Iron Man 3' script and gives insight on when he'll be shooting the third and final installment in the Marvel film series.

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pomoluese3218d ago

Good, I guess he agrees that the second one wasn't as good as the first.

Lord_Sloth3218d ago

Terrance Howard or bust!

NEW-AGE3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

This^ Katie Holmes in Dark Knight Rises

Corepred43217d ago

Don't even bring that up. Switching actors/ctress' between movies (especially big movies) pisses me off! lol They got that struck match to replace a light skinned/eyed Howard and to make things even worse they went and got Quasimodo's twin sister to take Holmes' place!
>= |

krazykombatant3218d ago

"the story and character exploration that made the first iron man movie good." The first one was good?!? avg at best. All the Iron Man movies are anti-climatic period. Iron man 3 won't be any different. What will happen then Tony stark will get another crazy ass disease which hinders him throughout the whole movie, till the very end and he just kills the bad guy without even breaking a sweat.

krazykombatant3218d ago

lol at the disagrees.. First movie, alright cool then the fight with obadiah ends, with somehow tony surviving the electric blast but the bad guy gets the FULL FRONT of it, even though TONY was on top of the generator. 2nd movie, When the bad guy FINALLY shows up and you think awesome here we go, big time fight between the 3. Awesome i'm soo pumpe------ BOOOM bad guy is dead. Ridiculous sad ending to the movie. So far only Cap. America and x men first class have been the good marvel movies as of recently. Thor was avg, iron movies suck. if your gonna keep disagreeing fine, just do more than "facepalm"

gaden_malak3218d ago

Well I don't speak rubbish and you are entitled to your own opinion, so my response is *facepalm*.

xVeZx3218d ago

ill the first one there was actually a final battle that was pretty good...i personally think iron man is overrated but its success brought on more marvel films so the second one i was so hyped to see whiplash and iron man fight....i thought we were going to see more whips and stuff like at the raceway but no....he falls and blows himself up...

darklordzor3218d ago

I really did enjoy the first one, and hell I liked parts of the second one. I know it was a very flawed movie though and I'm hoping to see things even out.

The interesting thing to me though is that RDJ says this is the best script he's read in 5 does that include The Avengers? Does that mean the script for that one isn't that good?

alycakes3218d ago

No I really don't think that's what he meant but I think he's just so proud of this 3rd one on every level that he just wanted everyone to know that because it's rare when someone thinks that way about a comic superhero movie to begin with.

You've got to know The Avengers is going to be awesome no matter what.

NEW-AGE3218d ago

But that cancelled avengers video Game showed aliens as the bad guys, the iron man series looks like it could actually be possible in real life, i could see evil Aliens being sorta Corny, could Transformers actually exist?

xVeZx3218d ago

of course its going to idol joss whedon is directing it

JL3218d ago

I'm pretty sure he mentions he's looking forward to Avengers or something to that effect. So that casts it in a positive light, but does imply Iron Man 3 will be better.

But forget Avengers. Does that 5 year span also include Zodiac? Cause that would be an interesting claim.

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The story is too old to be commented.