Kurt Sutter Hopes To Keep 'Sons Of Anarchy' Going For At Least 7 Seasons

Kurt Sutter, the colorful and occasionally churlish creator of the FX biker smash Sons of Anarchy that wrapped its fourth and most successful campaign last night, is optimistic that his show will see a seventh season. Or more. SOA already has been renewed for a fifth season of 13 episodes. He said during a conference call with reporters this morning, “We’re hoping to be able to tell the story we want to tell in a seven-season arc, to have the length of time to do that. At least we’re open to exploring that.” But he added that his experience as a writer-exec producer on The Shield tells him that “the above the line costs can become too much” when trying to go beyond season seven.

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alycakes2627d ago

They're just going into their 5th season..I'm going to be really upset if someone doesn't put Clay down this next season.....I'm sorry but sometimes main characters have to be taken out!