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R. I. P. Harry Morgan

Deadline Reports:
Harry Morgan, a character actor on the stage, screen and TV whose most iconic role was playing Col. Sherman Potter for 10 seasons on M*A*S*H*, died Wednesday in Brentwood of complications from pneumonia, the AP reported. He was 96. He was nominated for eight Emmys — including two for directing the Korean War comedy-drama, which was one of the longest-running series in history — and won for playing Potter in 1980. Morgan appeared often on TV, starting in the business in its early days, and also had a long stint as Sgt. Joe Friday’s trusty partner on Dragnet. In addition to appearing on Broadway early in his career, Morgan made 50 films, working with the likes of Henry Fonda, John Wayne and Elvis Pressley and amassing credits like High Noon, Inherit The Wind, The Apple Dumpling Gang and The Shootist.

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alycakes3214d ago

He really was great. Loved him in MASH but I've been watching Dragnet on some channel on extended cable and it's a good show...kinda different but it's 30 minutes so sometimes I'll watch them.