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Three Reasons Why You Should See Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

The Mission: Impossible series has changed in tone with each new release, mainly due to the radically different directors who envision the action in their own specific style of film-making. The original movie best resembled the television series that it was based upon, and was more of a suspenseful thriller than the bullet-riddled extravaganza that M:I 2 was. John Woo’s attempt at making Ethan Hunt a more fully-developed character still resulted in a grotesque amount of slow-mo explosions and stunts; with one scene in particular that included the director’s trademark flying doves needlessly appearing in frame. J.J Abrams and his flair for mixing storytelling with adrenaline-pumping set pieces, delivered what most critics praised as the finest Mission: Impossible film yet. But that was before Ghost Protocol.

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emily_estep3207d ago

I'm totally planning to see this.

alycakes3207d ago

I don't need 3 reasons...I knew I was going to see as soon as I knew they were going to make it.

aDDicteD3201d ago

going to watch this one for sure!