IndieWire Review - "Young Adult" Isn't as Awkward As Jason Reitman Thinks

IndieWire - By contrast, "Young Adult" only toys with the possibility of a twisted resolution to Mavis' plight; it's a cautionary tale for bitter people. This is Reitman's tamest work and his most controlled, with a cringe factor that only scrapes the surface. Awkward comedy makes us recoil in terror because it bears a strong resemblance to feelings we experience in real life, providing a new context that endows it with humor. (You know how terrible mistakes become funny years down the line? Movies can speed up that process to milliseconds.)

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zander2631d ago

Ugh, what a downer this seems to be. Though I am curious to know if the protagonist ever finds happiest before the end and if she learns how to find it by looking forward in life.