Best Trailers of 2011

MovieFone - Sometimes the best part about going to the movies is the trailers. (This is especially true if you plunked down hard-earned money for something like 'Jack & Jill.') 2011 was no exception, thanks to a boatload of great marketing clips designed to pitch your anticipation levels right around fevered. Unfortunately for 'The Dark Knight Rises,' 'The Amazing Spider-Man' and 'Snow White and The Huntsman,' not all trailers were created equal -- despite incredible amounts of hype, none of those films wowed in trailer-form the way these 11 managed to do. From the absurd ('Arena') to the awe-inspiring ('Harry Potter'), here are the best trailers of 2011.

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Blink_443208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

My favorite is the Girl with the dragon tattoo teaser and then the muppets spoof of it

alycakes3208d ago

That one is pretty good and The Hunger Games too.

StarWarsFan3208d ago

I thought the trailer for The Hunger Games was weak.