Would Skyrim Make a Good Movie?

IGN: In a holiday season of countless AAA-level releases, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim still stands out as one of the biggest and best of the year. No doubt work is already progressing on expansions and follow-ups. But for now, we wondered about the possibility of a Hollywood film adaption of Skyrim and how that might work.

Past video game movies have almost always left plenty to be desired. But a Skyrim movie, given enough time and money, could finally break the trend. Here we examine the pros and cons of adapting the game, and what challenges the filmmakers might face along the way.

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edwest3210d ago

Similar issues to the notion of the Mass Effect movie. Reminds me of New Line's proposed Heavy Rain adaptation, adapting a non-linear/causative narrative into a single narrative is fundementally redundant.

But brand value typically wins out.

The definition of irony: Games are working harder to become more cinematic, only to be turned back into movies.