'Final Destination 5' Poster Scares Up U.K. Ad Ban for Upsetting Children

The poster campaign for the DVD release of horror movie Final Destination 5 has been banned in the U.K. by the Advertising Standards Authority for upsetting children.

The ad watchdog ruled that the poster, which shows a skull being shattered by steel rods driven through its mouth and eye sockets, must not appear again in its current form after upholding a slew of complaints from adults with upset children.

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alycakes3218d ago

Agreed....I still haven't seen this one yet. I usually wait on these for the dvd but so far I've seen them all....waiting on this one now.

DarkBlood3218d ago

the parent sshould be covering the kids eyes or moving them down the asile of whereever that was

i know some of you are parents and good ones too but some of them out there just plain suck at thier job

Xenomorph3217d ago

Wah Wah I'm a middle aged mother that lets my child meander around walmart dvd store isles and get mad when a CGI skull is rendered with rods wah waaaah!

Back in my day kids would wander down the horror isle with a bewildered look of fear at all the "chucky" and other creepy horror covers.

SephirothX213217d ago

These are clearly very sensitive kids. Sensitivity in kids is becoming an increasingly bothersome problem in the UK. Its cause is simple. Kids nowadays are not being subjected to enough trauma. In my local community in Ireland, Fr. Paddy the Paedophile was our antidote.

KrimsonKody3217d ago

So silly.
1; the skull looks more like a mask.
2; there's no gore or organs exposed.
3; I'm certain they've seen more, if not equally, unsettling things on a weekly basis, whether it's through the web, TV, etc.
Now, the keyword is "unsettling".
I've seen cartoons or animation (aimed @ youths) which feature scary looking mascots/characters,
Which is "unsettling", if you ask me.

alycakes3217d ago

I know...people get carried away over the dumbest things. I can't even imagine what they were thinking when they complained about this.

aDDicteD3210d ago

really? its not that disturbing