Grown Ups Is Getting A Sequel

Vulture says

Adam Sandler's latest project was announced today, and while many people would prefer it be anything else, from a shot-by-shot remake of Jack and Jill to actualizing Funny People's Merman, it turns out that Sandler is making a sequel to last year's Grown Ups. It's his first official sequel (unless you see his oeuvre as one long series of Billy Madison movies), and it would be written by Grown Ups 1.0 writer/former SNL'er Fred Wolf. It's too soon to know if David Spade, Kevin James, and the rest of the original "grown ups" will return, but if for some reason they can't, it's not too late to fit Adam Sandler for that fish tail.

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Crazay3210d ago

I don't have an issue with a sequel to Grown Ups but if I had my pick of his movies that could have a sequel I'd say Happy Gilmore or The Wedding Singer even.

DarkBlood3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

man Happy Gilmore is probably my favourite movie of adam sandler lol it was so funny to me as a kid and id love to pick it up on blu-ray but i dont see anything on stores or online

i take it back i found one on amazon lol

Blink_443210d ago

Damn, the only good part about the first one was rob schneiders daughters.

Crazay3210d ago

HELLZ YES!!! They were awesome. lol

CynicalVision3210d ago

The movie with no plot is getting a sequel, greeeeat.

Crazay3210d ago

Could be know something like Bring it On, Dirty Dancing or well...the list could get quite large.

krazykombatant3210d ago

as long as they never do another funny people. By God, the funny people were not in the movie.

StarWarsFan3209d ago

I didn't mind the first one, but the sequel will need to kick it up a major notch.

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