Michael Bay Will Direct Fourth Transformers Film

Vulture says

Michael Bay is in final negotiations to direct a new Transformers film, insiders tell Vulture. In recent days, Bay has been assembling a cast for a long-gestating project that even predates Bay’s entry into planet-destroying, Pain and Gain, based on a three-part New Times story about the infamous “Sun Gym gang” a group of dimwitted Miami bodybuilders who kidnapped, tortured and robbed a Florida businessman but got their comeuppance when their left-for-dead victim hires a private eye to hunt them down. Insiders tell Vulture that Bay has been seeking to adapt the sordid revenge tale almost since its publication in 1999, and that it’s proving the major blandishment in getting Bay to commit to launching a new Transformers cycle. "Without Pain, there’s no tit for tat," explains one person familiar with the talks, "That’s Paramount’s leverage."

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Crazay3220d ago

This is awesome news. Personally I've really liked all the Transformers movies and the way he's made them. Here's hoping he gets Shia back in there.

JL3219d ago

I enjoy them too, despite how much they get bagged on. I even like Michael Bay for the most part. But I seriously doubt Shia will be returning. I don't think his decision to quit was based on Bay leaving. Rather it was his decision to not do it because he just wanted to be done with blockbusters and wanted to return to real acting in indies and such.

DarkBlood3219d ago

thats not real acting then what is? im kind of confused here lol

sjaakiejj3219d ago

Wasn't three going to be the last one? I think he wrapped up the story arc nicely with that movie, and I can't really see a possible starting point for new movies, as the leaders of the Decepticons are all dead.

Crazay3219d ago

There's always more that can be told. Unicron could be awesome as the antagonist. What about the DinoBots? Were they not Decepticons originally?

Crazay3219d ago

Hell, I'd be ok with the movie taking place on Cybertron before the planet was destroyed. That would make for one hell of an epic movie though. Would probably be best delivered as an animated feature.

Macho Man3219d ago

Ohhhh yeahhhh! Nice spoiler brother, yeah, firgot we've all seen the third movie, yeah!


sjaakiejj3219d ago

Apologies for the spoiler, though it wasn't much of one. I think most people went into the cinema knowing they would go, especially considering Michael Bay said he would end the story long before the movie released, and there's only one way to do that.

JL3219d ago

It was indeed supposed to be the last one. Bay said he was done. Here's the thing:

Bay wants to make a movie called 'Pain and Gain' now. However, he needs funding for that movie. He turned to Paramount. Most likely, after some discussion, Paramount agreed to fund 'Pain and Gain' if Bay would make them another Transformers movie to cash in on. Bay, wanting to get Pain and Gain off the ground, agreed.

This worries me. Bay obviously wants to be done with Transformers. However, so he can get his other project financed he agreed to do another Transformers. This looks to me like he could just sloppily throw together a Transformers movie just to meet his obligation and not even care how it turns out at all, resulting in a horrible movie.

Crazay3219d ago

I totally see what you're saying here JL but something tells me that he has far too much pride to do something like that.

sjaakiejj3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

I agree, that's exactly why I'm not jumping through the roof by this piece of news. I love the Transformers trilogy, and I would hate for its reputation to be ruined by a fourth, completely unnecessary movie that the director never (and probably still doesn't) wanted to make.

Hayabusa 1173219d ago

"...resulting in a horrible movie."

Yeah, thing is, the last 2 Transformers were horrible, so it doesn't make much of a difference...

Firstly, let's hope he got a good deal for Pain and Gain (creative rights e.t.c.) secondly, let's hope Pain and Gain is actually something cool...then it might be worth enduring another transformer film for it.

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sulphuric3219d ago

Another one?

I haven't seen the films beyond the first one, but I've heard mixed reactions of them. They're trying to milk the franchise dry before giving it up, and I'm not sure if that's a good idea - look at Pirates of the Caribbean.

TheWolverine3219d ago

I see what ur sayin, but choosing Pirates is a bad choice. The last film did extremely well.

"On Stranger Tides broke many box office records upon release, and it stands as the 8th highest-grossing film of all time worldwide"
-source Wikipedia

Yeah they're probably just milking both series. But if they keep earning money and people keep going to see them, do u really expect them to give that up?

Ricksta_133219d ago

"yeah they're probably just milking both series. But if they keep earning money and people keep going to see them, do u really expect them to give that up?"

LOL look at call of duty..point proven

steve30x3219d ago

I loved the transformers films. I hope he does another

Lord_Sloth3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

Fart Jokes, drama, fart jokes, panty shot, fart joke, BOOM!!!

ironfist923219d ago

Your combination of Panty Shot and Fart Joke just killed my boner man.

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