Andrew Stanton Has Already Started Prepping For John Carter 2 And 3

Bleeding Cool:
Andrew Stanton came to London recently to show clips from John Carter and talk to the press. I’ve previously shared his comments on the film’s title, and his passionate desire to radically shake up the whole film industry.

Now we get to some real meat.

Stanton also spoke about his restructuring of Edgar Rice Burrough’s whole series of novels to best serve a “part one” movie, and then a bit later, his plans for the second and third films in the series.

Here’s Mr. Stanton explaining how he drew on later books in the series for to make this film better.

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alycakes3210d ago

I know the first one is going to be great but we still don't know how successful it will be with the people who actually pay to see the movies. I guess they had already signed on to do all 3 or they wouldn't be doing this but do they go ahead even if the first one flops?

DarkBlood3210d ago

maybe i should get into reading books for this and hunger games but the hard cover trilogy set goes for 53 something dollars maybe i shouldnt buy it because its likely i wont reread anything i read once again except for some exception

anyways as for why they would sign on for 3 i think its in the events of if the first one succeeds they are obligated to do the next one if not they are free to go

i assume thats how a contract works anyways

alycakes3210d ago

Get them on Amazon and don't get the hardcover and get them used but in almost new condition...they go for really low prices that way on Amazon. I went ahead and got mine new and hardcover because I just love books and even got first editions but I know that's not for everone but I saw some in there for just a few bucks.

DarkBlood3210d ago

well i just need a solid release date for the first Hunger movie and to give my self enough time to get the book before hand

at chapters i think i saw a nonhard cover book of the first one by it self oddly far away from the area where they stacked the trilogy set

i might get the set or see about getting one of those kindles who knows really

but at least i can be like some people i know that read harry potter or twilight books and say this doesnt happen in the book an all lol :P

StarWarsFan3209d ago

I have a feeling the first one will disappoint in the box-office just based on the meager hype so far.