Six New Stills From The Hunger Games

Six new images from The Hunger Games have surfaced, including almost the entire main cast and director Gary Ross in a behind-the-scenes shot.

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MinimeJer053221d ago

The news keeps coming for this film. I'm still the least bit interested in it. Hopefully a better cut trailer will change that for me.

emily_estep3221d ago

You have to read the book! You'll be addicted to the story.

alycakes3221d ago

I all 3 this summer and now I can't wait. I just wish they had done all three movies put together because it's going to take them so long to do all of them.

emily_estep3221d ago

Yeah true. Hopefully it'll be worth the wait!

StarWarsFan3221d ago

I need to see a trailer soon.

StarWarsFan3219d ago

Yes, that's how forgettable the first one.