Have You Been Watching … The Walking Dead?

The Guardian - We've reached the halfway point in the second series of The Walking Dead, with the show now taking a hiatus until February. Question is will viewers definitely return when it does? Even fans have been moaning at the apparent lack of progress that's been made over the past seven episodes.

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alycakes3219d ago

I've been watching and I thought it went at a good pace this first part. I think it needed some structure this time for everone to get their breath. I also think that it was a good idea for all of us to find out a little more about each one of the characters so that worked out well as far as I was concerned.

Blink_443219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

They've been trying to do more character development this season, to try and make you care about the characters and yet I wouldn't care if any of the characters died, except for the asain kid (can't even remember his name).

StarWarsFan3219d ago

I've been watching, but the mid-season finale was the highlight.