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'Thor' Beats 'The Dark Knight Rises' As The Most Talked About Movie On Twitter In 2011

Twitter has released their "Year In Review" of the most talked about topics and hashtags, and THOR has come out on top with The Dark Knight Rises and a couple of other comic book movies all making up the top five.

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alycakes3216d ago

This story actually surprised me. As much as I loved Thor, I really didn't think people were talking about it more than TDKR. Even here it seems that all people want to know about is more about Batman and what's next and when they can see more of what's going on...since I can remember that's most of what I hear.

So a big Bravo to Thor for this one.

emily_estep3216d ago

I guess if you figure that TDKR isn't in theaters it makes sense, but even then, Thor?!