Where in the World is John Carter's Hype?

"John Carter is fighting alongside the good green Martians, against the bad green Martians. Mark Strong (who looks like he’s wondered onto the set of the wrong Dune) looks pale and evil and has a plan to do, something. For all of the complaints of Avatar’s simplistic plot, we always knew what we were looking at. Even in the promos."

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ShadowPraxis2637d ago

I didn't even realize they were adapting this into a movie until recently. John Carter's tales were part of my childhood reading experiences and I'm actually psyched, even if Taylor Kitsch seems a bit... weak.

OSIRUSSS2636d ago

I loved the first book I want to read the others. Also this movie is 5 months away give it time and a superbowl ad then the hype will pick up.

StarWarsFan2636d ago

The hype can't seem to get off the ground.

Garethvk2635d ago

I saw the footage at D23 and met some of the cast. It looks like a bland, FX heavy adventure film. I am not sure we need a guy whose magic power is being able to leap high. The scenes they showed looked just o.k. I think this could be a costly error for Disney unless there is much better stuff to come than has been shown.