'24' Heating Up For Spring Start With Kiefer Sutherland In Jack Bauer Mode

Deadline Reports:
The clock has started on 24, the feature version of the Imagine Entertainment/Fox series. The project, which brings back Kiefer Sutherland’s tireless government operative Jack Bauer. Mark Bomback–a favorite writer at 20th Century Fox writing The Wolverine and Shadow Divers–will turn in the latest script draft by year’s end. Imagine and the studio have about five directors in mind–no, Tony Scott is not attached anymore–and it will all begin happening very quickly in the early part of next year. The goal is to get the film into production to match Sutherland’s availability, which begins in April. That should give producer Brian Grazer something to do after he completes producing the Academy Awards and it is certainly good news for fans of the show who were beginning to fear the project wouldn’t happen.

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StarWarsFan3220d ago

Let's get this movie moving.

alycakes3219d ago

Agreed...I can't wait for this one. I'm really hoping they bring it to a final close on what happens to Bauer. It left us hanging on that final season as far as how his future was going to go and I really was into the series.