Drive - Movie of the Year?

Popbucket writes:
Think of all the great uncommunicative characters in cine-history. The film buff’s mind inevitably wonders to the western. Specifically pretty much every role Clint Eastwood’s played in the genre, the man with no name being the standout.

Their mood is barely discernible but every shrug of the shoulder or twitch of a facial muscle tells you all you need to know if you look close enough.

To that roster you can add Ryan Gosling’s driver. Succinct, taciturn and capable of exuding sweet charm as well as boiling menace; it is yet another stylish turn to add to Gosling’s impressive work throughout the year.

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Blink_443215d ago

This is one of my favorite movies ever. I saw it twice in theaters, i was expecting more action but was pleasently surprised when it was more of a drama with quick intense scences of action and violence.

alycakes3214d ago

I didn't get to see it at the theater and it may still be showing somewhere but just didn't get around to it. I'll check it out when it comes out on dvd.

Blink_443214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

i hope it comes out soon


they have it coming out jan 31st, wish it was sooner

StarWarsFan3213d ago

Movie of the year? Slow year.