Bradley Cooper Confirms Hangover Cast will Reunite for Third Movie

The National Ledger:
Bradley Cooper has confirmed THE HANGOVER cast is set to reunite for a second sequel set in Los Angeles.

The actor shot to international fame with his role in the 2009 Las Vegas-based comedy opposite Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis and Justin Bartha, and a follow-up, The Hangover Part II, set in Thailand, was released earlier this year (2011).

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DarkBlood2635d ago

lol this is going to be good cant wait to see what funny shit they'll manage to pull off and get away with for this movie :P

alycakes2635d ago

OMG! Not again! What else can they think of? Haven't they just about done it all?

DarkBlood2635d ago

well the guy did say its going to close off the trilogy

so we got

Doug left on the balcony

stu who apparently into prositutes of all kinds lol

theres either alan to cover or Phil

who knows what kind of #%#$ up things that could happen for the end lol

Blink_442635d ago

Nooooo not again, the sad thing is it's going to make hundreds of millions of dollars.

DarkBlood2634d ago

if the movie is really hated among a few then, why not consider it something for the casuals to enjoy more or less?

which i assume is the main target and not the extreme hardcore watchers im guessing most of us on here are

StarWarsFan2635d ago

I wonder where they'd go next.

Blink_442635d ago

LA is the rumor I think

alycakes2634d ago

Yep! That's what it says...LA.