Did That Seriously Just Happen On The Amazing Race?

If you haven’t watched last nights Amazing Race, don’t read this article because it contains major spoilers pertaining to the final three teams. For everyone else, hopefully you can understand this rant.

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pomoluese2632d ago

Wow I haven't watched this season, but that does sound pretty ridiculous. I'd never get anything if I was a character from Tintin, that's some terrible promo stuff right there.

TrendyGamers2631d ago

The season is definitely worth watching, just dont watch this one and the finale and try to pretend Andy and Tommy won.

Blink_442632d ago

Man it was so stupid! I was so sad when they were eliminated. I definitely DO NOT want the ex pro football player to win, I mean he's already made millions of dollars he doesn't need any more.

TrendyGamers2631d ago

Yeah, it was so bad!

And you know Marcus and Amani won't win because he 'made it to three conference championships and never won'.