IGN - Dexter: "Ricochet Rabbit" Review

IGN - As good as it felt to actually hear Dexter say "I've made a terrible mistake," almost channeling Gob Bluth, "Ricochet Rabbit" was a very mixed bag of an episode that offered up a few, new cool elements amidst a sea of dumb dialogue and forced plot movement. This was a huge "2+2=5" episode where very few character choices made sense and most everything seemed shoe-horned in to move the story along to where the writers wanted it to go, rather than hold true to the characters themselves.

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sjaakiejj3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

This reviewer really has to pull himself together. This writing is far from the professional standard I've come to expect from a big website like IGN, and sounds much more like a blog rant than a review.

pomoluese3218d ago

IGN does some pretty terrible reviews. I'm not really sure what the qualifications are to be a professional writer, but it seems to be fairly lax.

pomoluese3218d ago

I think the best part of this season is the crazy kills, also the fact that it's not as terrible as season 5.

StarWarsFan3218d ago

The second half of this season has been solid. The first half took a bit of waiting for interesting material.