Official 'Transformers' Trilogy Blu-Ray Cover Revealed

Set to be released next Tuesday, the official cover for the Blu-Ray release of Michael Bay's Transformers trilogy has been revealed, featuring a collage of stills from all three movies. Hit the jump to check it out!

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Blink_443218d ago

Cool beans, glad I havent bought the second or third one yet. ill just get this.

alycakes3218d ago

That's a great idea. I bought them all in dvd but I have a blu-ray player now so why not get this? When the first two came out they had a special edition dvd that came in a case that you could fold out into a transformer and set up on a shelf for was so cool I even bought both of those. Then the 3rd movie Dark of the Moon comes out and you would think they would do the same....but nooooooooooo! Can't find it anywhere...I was so bummed out about it.

Blink_443218d ago

That's cool a transforming movie case lol.

DarkBlood3218d ago

wasnt there suppose to be a 3D combo pack for november i tried to find it since i already had the second one on blu-ray but now im at a lost

i wonder if they scrapped it or something

alycakes3218d ago

You know I looked for that too and didn't find it...I don't know what happened with the distribution of this 3rd one.

StarWarsFan3218d ago

Cool. Not great, but decent.