Tom Hiddleston on 'Thor 2' Status and How Many Marvel Movies Loki May Appear In - "If every interview could be with Tom Hiddleston for the rest of my career, I'd be happy. Know this about the actor before we get to the juicy Marvel stuff: He's pleasant, polite, unbelievably warm, gracious and just a great person to be around after a long day of doing press for an upcoming film. That's where I met up with Hiddleston yesterday, meeting up with the man to chat about Steven Spielberg's War Horse, where Hiddleston plays a British war hero whose character is instrumental to the segmented plot. We'll have more with Hiddleston closer to release, but you love the Marvel stuff so I figured we'll let you have those details first."

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Blink_443221d ago

Hopefully they don't pull a iron man 2

Blink_443221d ago

It just wasn't as good as the first

DarkBlood3221d ago

ic i'll have to check it out on boxing day when i go on my videogame/movie buying spree :P lol

pomoluese3221d ago

I think it was still a decent enough movie. I've only seen it once though...

DarkBlood3221d ago

bad or not

(i havent really come across something where i would puke at the near sight of it)

i still have to add it to my collection so i can marathon

Captian America
Iron Man
Iron Man 2

in that order of timeline i think it goes before i see avengers though i dont know where the hulk movie would fit in since i know its not the same hulk and or if the movie is even related

pomoluese3220d ago

I don't think The Hulk will be related since they did get another Bruce Banner, I heard Norton was difficult to work with. Regardless the Norton version of Hulk was enjoyable, you should still watch it.

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StarWarsFan3220d ago

I hope they don't abuse the use of Loki.

MoreRPG3220d ago

i like Loki but I'll like to see Enchantress and his bodyguard (cant remember his name) on Thor 2. It seems to me that is logical thing to do since she can appear in a future sequel to The Avengers.
I think Tom Hiddleston would be on Thor 2 but not as the main villain