9 Milestones in the Evolution of Gerard Butler

This weekend, Gerard Butler revisits the very Shakespeare play that launched his acting career: Coriolanus. This time around, Butler plays Tullus Aufidius, the rival of the title character in Ralph Fiennes’s big screen adaptation. So just how did a Scottish actor who started with Shakespeare boomerang back to the very same play a decade later after achieving Hollywood stardom?

You can always trace a direct line through a few important roles to illustrate what led to an actor’s current success. As such, let’s look at nine pivotal performances that track the evolution of Gerard Butler.

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pomoluese3222d ago

Should making a bad Rom-com be considered a milestone?

The people cast for the Tomb Raider series amaze me. I always forget he and Daniel Craig were love interests in them.

alycakes3221d ago

I agree...those roles for them were good because it got both of them noticed.

They didn't mention a small movie Gerard Butler did called 'Dear Frankie'. That was one of the best movies I think he's ever done. The whole cast especially the little boy in it was great but I don't think it was widely released.....surely one of his best.

StarWarsFan3221d ago

I suppose 300 was his star-launching vehicle.