Michael Shannon Talks 'Man Of Steel', Boardwalk Empire And The Oscar Buzz

The Province:
Actor Michael Shannon seems to be everywhere right now, chasing 1920s bootleggers on TV’s Boardwalk Empire, drawing Oscar buzz for his role in the intimate apocalyptic thriller Take Shelter, and reinventing General Zod for a new generation of Superman fans in the currently filming Man of Steel.

He’s filming that movie in Vancouver with director Zack Snyder. Taking advantage of that proximity, the Whistler Film Festival invited him up for a career tribute Saturday night. Already a past Oscar nominee (supporting actor) for the suburban period drama Revolutionary Road, the forbidding looking but soft-spoken actor is quietly building an impressive body of work.

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DarkBlood3219d ago

i still think its a odd choice for zod though thats only because im so used to the Terence Stamp one

who was also ironically the voice of supermans father in smallville who they used a younger version in season 9 which i accepted only because he was just that a younger version

hell in the earlier seasons his spirit being sucked out of Lex even looked like Terence Stamp

alycakes3218d ago

I agree...this was a good choice for him. I think he's really a good actor. Aside from the one that played Zod in the Smallville series, I think he's great.

StarWarsFan3218d ago

I'm eager to see him in action in Man Of Steel.

alycakes3217d ago

Sometimes it takes them so long to get a movie made from the time you first hear about it that it feels like forever before they get it out at the theaters. I'm ready for it to come out and we still have another year to wait....don't we?

aDDicteD3208d ago

cant wait for the man of steel,, hope to see more of it