Would Michelle Trachtenberg Have Made A Good Bella Swan?

Can you picture Michelle Trachtenberg caught up in a whole mess of danger and vampire-related drama? Ok, if you’ve seen the later years of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you probably can, but apparently, there was “interest here and there” for her to play the lead role in the Twilight movies.

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Jahad2637d ago

If Michelle was in the Twilight franchise, I would've actually bothered to see the films instead of ignoring them!

alycakes2637d ago

I liked her on Buffy but no I don't think she would have been right for this part. She's grown a lot but she's not been the same since she got on that show on the CW.

OSIRUSSS2637d ago

"That Show on the CW"Is called Gossip Girl and its awesome.Just like Michelle Trachtenberg.

StarWarsFan2637d ago

I think I would have preferred her in Twilight more than Kristen Stewart.

BlackPrince 422637d ago

No she wouldn't have, but neither would any other actress of talent. Bella Swan is so one dimensional and weak willed you'd really need someone with a lobotomy and low self-esteem to portray the part accurately.