The Collider's 'THREE AMIGOS!' Blu-ray Review

The Collider:
It’s been a long journey for Three Amigos to be considered a classic worthy of a 25th anniversary Blu-ray release. The film hit screens to a resounding response of critical and audience indifference in 1986, but has gradually come to be regarded as something of a cult classic. It’s difficult to know why it failed. Maybe it was because it was a Western made past the genre’s expiry date, maybe the release date was ill timed, or maybe it’s just a strange comedy that was always destined to appeal to a small, but loyal fanbase. Regardless, the film now seems to have the reputation it deserves as one of John Landis and Steve Martin’s more beloved comedies and while the new Blu-ray isn’t exactly overflowing with nostalgic special features, it’s still a nice treat for fans. Hit the jump for my review of Three Amigos on Blu-ray.

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alycakes3220d ago

I think this was one of the funniest movies ever. These guys were and are some of the best comics. Martin Short made some of the funnier movies when he was younger..even funnier than Steve Martin. He's always made me laugh out loud.