EW - The Mission: Impossible Trilogy Blu-ray Review

EW - Fifteen Years ago, Tom Cruise accepted his first mission as Ethan Hunt. Since then, he's dangled from a harness at CIA headquarters, scaled vertiginous rock faces, and busted into the Vatican. But the biggest accomplishment Cruise can claim has nothing to do with gee-whiz gadgets or high-wire stunts. It's how he's managed to spin a money-minting juggernaut out of such a kitschy TV show. The fourth installment, Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol, is set to hit IMAX theaters Dec. 16 and the rest of the civilized world on Dec. 21. With a new box set of the first three chapters now out on Blu-ray, it's worth looking back at how Hunt and his crack team of techno-nerds reinvented Hollywood espionage.

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Blink_442636d ago

I gotta see 2 and 3 before I see 4

StarWarsFan2635d ago

Mission: Impossible rocks. I think the third movie in the franchise was the most disappointing for me.