LA Times - Terry Gilliam on ‘Dark Knight,’ ‘Tintin’ and ‘Transformers’

LA Times - We’re still hearing a lot of response to our biggest article this week, “Terry Gilliam: The heir of Fellini and the enemy of God?,” but the story isn’t quite done yet. Gilliam, the director of “Brazil” and “Twelve Monkeys,” is a man of fiery opinions and during our two interviews covering three hours and spread over two days, he lobbed a few Molotov cocktails in different directions.

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edwest3213d ago

Gilliam pretty much hits the nail straight on the head with every point here, especially on Tintin.

reznik_zerosum3212d ago

nolan films are not really art,hes just M.Bay with little more IQ

JL3211d ago

Seriously? Nolan is a genius at narrative. Have you only watched his Batman movies and Inception or something? Clearly you can't watch his movies like Insomnia and The Prestige and dismiss him as just "M.Bay with little more IQ". And after a showing like the masterpiece Memento, Nolan proves himself as one of the greats of our time.

Sorry, but a remark like the Michael Bay one clearly illustrates that you are not familiar with Nolan's work. And quite honestly, a remark like that would almost imply you're basing that entire argument on some bitter distaste for Inception alone.

KILLERAPP3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

Go watch Memento and then tell me he is Michael Bay...

StarWarsFan3212d ago

He wonders if people are having real sex anymore. Interesting quote.

MinimeJer053211d ago

While I don't fully agree with all of his comments, I do respect him.