Helena Bonham Carter - Helena Bonham Carter: Dark Shadows 'Impossible To Sell' says: Helena Bonham Carter admits 'Dark Shadows' is going to be "impossible to sell".
The 'King's Speech' star plays the role of a therapist with a drinking problem in the movie - which also stars Johnny Depp and Michelle Pfeiffer - directed by long-term partner Tim Burton, but she does not think it will be an easy film to market.

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StarWarsFan3213d ago

That's not too reassuring.

alycakes3213d ago

I don't agree with her. It's her own husband Tim Burton she's talking about here and then you have Johnny Depp. Why would anyone not want to take a chance on that? Not to mention that it's Dark Shadows...if anyone is in anyway a little familiar with the story...they would be interested in seeing it. I just hope they are doing it seriously and not trying to put a funny spin to it.

pomoluese3213d ago

I'd think they'd do it seriously, I mean Sweeny Todd didn't have any humor in it, at least none that I can recall.

Maybe she's just trying to make seem more controversial than it really is. Maybe all the Harry Potters have skewed her perception of what makes a film successful.

Lord_Sloth3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

Barnabas MOTHAF*****G Collins!!!