Joss Whedon's Long-Delayed 'The Cabin in the Woods' Gets a New Poster

The horror film, produced and co-written by the "Avengers" director, arrives in theaters April 2012 after three years of delays.

The Cabin in the Woods, a horror film from Joss Whedon and Cloverfield scribe Drew Goddard, has been promising an unexpected take on a familiar premise since it went into production in early 2009.

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alycakes2636d ago

Pretty Cool...I didn't even know for the longest time that he was even doing this movie. I think I'll go see it just because it's Joss Whedon and he never has disappointed me with anything he's ever done.

loudhugo2635d ago

ill give a try to anything whedon does

alycakes2635d ago

Glad to know there's another Whedon fan out there...he is a genius.

StarWarsFan2634d ago

Nice poster. It's interesting.