Exclusive Images from the Makeup Process on NBC’s 'Grimm'

The Collider:
When we were on the set of NBC’s Grimm, we had a chance to talk to Silas Weir Mitchell, one of the stars of the show. His character, Eddie Munroe, is a Wieder Blutbad – a werewolf who has forsaken killing humans and controls his urges through a balanced diet and exercise. But every once in a while his character must wolf out. Sometimes that’s done through CGI effects, but when he’s got a long day as a Blutbad, they’ll go with full make up. In this exclusive set of pictures, here’s a look at the process Mitchell must go through to become a full werewolf. Hit the jump to check out the images.

Mitchell had this to say about the process when we talked to him.

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alycakes3213d ago

I like this show a lot and the way he sees the creatures is in a way scary because he only catches their true image for a few seconds. I think the make up artist does a great job on this and the special effects are good too.