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Jeremy Renner Calls 'Avengers' Hawkeye Spin-Off 'A Possibility'

'The best thing about that job was the amazing group of actors I got to know,' Renner tells MTV News of 'Avengers.'

What did Joss Whedon do to the poor cast of The Avengers to make them withhold every tiny bit of information about the upcoming Marvel superhero flick? He must have one member of each of their families holed up in a barn somewhere to keep the cast members so quiet about the film. In light of whatever threats or penalties of death he placed upon them, at least one star of the film wasn't willing to give too much of the plot away.

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alycakes3219d ago

Not all characters are zooming to get spin offs. They are so busy doing other things. Renner has a very busy schedule with lots of movies already committed to his time.

StarWarsFan3219d ago

I hope they don't give everyone a spin-off.

alycakes3217d ago

I agree with StarWarsFan...I like the whole Avenger group together more than all of them separate. Don't get me wrong...Thor, Iron Man, Captain America...they're great but there's just too many of them to do each one. Before you know it they'd want to do all of them.