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Entertainment Focus - Review: Hugo

Hugo Cabret (Asa Butterfield - The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas) is an orphaned boy who loves mechanical things. His father (Jude Law – Sherlock Holmes) died unexpectedly forcing Hugo to live by himself at the local train station. He has a chance encounter with a shopkeeper named Georges Méliès (Sir Ben Kingsley – Gandhi) who catches him stealing. Méliès confiscates the boy’s notebook and finds sketches of a strange automation machine that Hugo and his father were repairing. He looks shocked and refuses to give Hugo back his book. So Hugo begins a voyage of discovery to try and find out what the strange mechanical machine really is, whether his father has left him a message through it and what role Georges Méliès plays in this mystery.

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alycakes3220d ago

This will be the next movie I see. I'm going to try to see it next Tuesday...hope the weather is nice. I'm kind of a hermit when it's not.

pomoluese3220d ago

Maybe I'll go see this once the semester is over.

Side note: I've been going through a bunch of family photos and I think my aunt looked a lot like Chloe Moretz as a child