'The Grey' Trailer: Liam Neeson Fights Nature, Wolves in Alaskan Wilderness Adventure

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Liam Neeson has disposed of his fair share of enemies over the last five years, but perhaps none more vicious than the twosome of foes he faces in 'The Grey': Mother Nature and a pack of vicious wolves. Neeson reunites with his 'A-Team' director Joe Carnahan for the new action drama, which focuses on a group of Alaskan pipeline workers who survive a deadly plane crash -- only to wind up stranded in the wilderness during the dead of winter. Can Neeson and his team -- played by Frank Grillo ('Warrior'), Dermot Mulroney, Dallas Roberts ('Rubicon') and James Badge Dale ('Shame') among others -- survive long enough to fend off the wolves and the plummeting temperatures? As long as Neeson can construct glass-shard knuckles out of minibar bottles of alcohol, probably!

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Blink_442637d ago

Kicking ass and takin names

gaden_malak2637d ago

Time to bring out one of my favourite memes:

alycakes2636d ago

I actually saw the previews at the movies and it was really good but it looked so cold....I hate the cold weather. I love the scenery of snow capped mountains and I love to go to up north to visit but only in the summer time. You never see me go in the winter.

I don't know how they do it when they have to film in the real weather like that. I know sometimes they fake the weather conditions but that was real.

gaden_malak2636d ago

Getting millions of dollars helps keep you warm I imagine.