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The Greatest Directors: The Early Contemporaries

Couchpotatoesonline continues its brief look at some of the greatest directors of all time. Part two discusses the next period of great directors, a group we call "The Early Contemporaries".

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Crazay3223d ago

H'Oh Boy did you ever some lose credibility with me when I saw that whiny no talent lil pip squeak Woody Allen in your list. Can't stand that guy.

CPO3221d ago

Sure he, as a person, has some issues and he is whiny and short in stature, but many of his movies are very highly rated and reviewed. If you want to use Rotten Tomatoes as a yardstick he has twice as many movies judged as "Fresh" versus "Rotten".

Sorry to lose credibility with you!

Crazay3221d ago

I really was kinda just messing with ya bro. I just can't stand the man and give grief to anyone who tells me they like his movies...though to date I've really only harassed 3 people including yourself =P.

I do enjoy your articles so keep it up dude.

StarWarsFan3222d ago

I think people took Clint Eastwood as a real director more in the 1990's even though he had been doing it for years prior.

alycakes3222d ago

Can't stand Woody Allen either and don't watch any of his movies. I love all of Clint Eastwood's work and Spielberg's, and Ron Howard is also great. Coppola has had his good ones and bad ones too.

There's a lot good new ones in the business in the last few years and are doing great work and I hope I'm around for a while to see what they keep showing for a long time to come.