IMAX Locations Confirmed For The Dark Knight Rises Prologue; Comments From Christopher Nolan

CBM says

Warner Bros. has issued a press release detailing the 43 US IMAX theaters where The Dark Knight Rises prologue can be viewed, as well as comments from Christopher Nolan and confirmation that it will also be screened internationally.

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Crazay2636d ago

SWEET!!! My City is getting it too. I'm actually surprised by this revelation.

Blink_442636d ago

Grrr no Maine theaters.

Crazay2636d ago


Come on up here dude. We're getting it.

DarkBlood2635d ago

is there even an imax in canada let alone ontario because i dont see any near by anything other then cineplex around here is a AMC theatre and thats it

oh well hopfully someone has the balls to post it on the internet lol

blacktiger2635d ago

your kidding right? cause Imax is Canadian!

StarWarsFan2636d ago

I wonder how long it will be before this thing is leaked.

Crazay2635d ago

My best guess is it hits early or the same day.

darklordzor2635d ago

Damn! How can they have nothing in the Dallas area? There are at least 4 IMAX theaters capable of showing that size film, yet none of them get it. I don't think I'll make the drive all the way to Houston just to watch it either.

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The story is too old to be commented.