Why People Hate on The Walking Dead

IGN - A dismal post-apocalyptic filled with flesh-ripping zombies? What's not to love. Well, according to some of you - a lot!

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StarWarsFan3224d ago

I like this show, but I can also recognize some people having been bored by the pacing of the search for Sophia.

alycakes3224d ago

People that hate this show are the people that don't watch it and just hear about it...they just don't have a clue.

Crazay3224d ago

They;re the kind of people that expect it to be balls to the walls action 100% of the time all while not getting that the show is about people and not the zombies. EVERY single Romero movie is about people surviving the zombie apocalypse and not the hunting/killing of them and that's the issue with a vast majority of people watching.