International Trailer for The Raven Starring John Cusack and Luke Evans

Collider - An international trailer for the period crime-thriller The Raven has gone online.  The story follows a Baltimore detective (Luke Evans) who teams up with Edgar Allan Poe (John Cusack) to solve a string of serial killings based on Poe’s stories.  It’s amazing how much a trailer can give away in the short span of one minute and fourteen seconds.  I’m afraid I won’t be able to go into the film and be surprised at how each Poe story is tied to a separate killing.  I’m also dismayed that the trailer is trying to sell Poe as an action-hero, which makes the movie look ridiculous rather than a gothic murder mystery.  This is all the fault of the trailer and I’m hoping that the film turned out alright.  At least the movie features this great line:  “We are in dire need of your unwholesome expertise.”  Then again, it also has Poe screaming, “I’ll send you to hell!”

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alycakes3226d ago

I'm going to enjoy this one. I like stories like this anyway. Dark and creepy murder mysteries.