After The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale, Why Every Decision Shane Makes Is Right

GFR: The Walking Dead season finale ended with everyone coming down on Shane Walsh, the survivalist deputy who thinks the group is headed for trouble if they don’t find a way to adjust to their new post-apocalyptic world. It’s something that’s been building ever since Rick joined the group and took over leadership from Shane back in Season 1. Almost everyone it seems, is on Rick’s side, and odds are they’ll be even more on his side after the events at the end of the mid-season 2 finale. Except, well, they’re wrong. Shane is right. Shane is right about everything. Every single decision Shane has made, pushed for, or even thought about on The Walking Dead has been absolutely right. And since it’s those same decisions that have him on the outs with our group of surviving heroes, I think someone needs to stand up and give him credit. Shane’s right. Shane’s always right.

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Blink_443226d ago

Do you think that's shane's baby that ricks wife is having?

alycakes3226d ago

I really think it's Ricks. She's so thin and I she didn't start getting sick til just this last me she just got pregnant in the last 3 wks or so.