5 High-Res Images From Ridley Scott's Prometheus: What's Up With The Giant Head?

CB: Last week the first images from Ridley Scott's maybe-sorta Alien prequel Prometheus were released online very not particularly high res scans from an issue of Entertainment Weekly. They gave us our first look at blond Michael Fassbender and intense Charlize Theron in space, but to truly gauge how pumped we should be about our return to Scott's interstellar adventures, we needed the high-res. Thankfully 20th Century Fox has pulled through, and posted five high-res images online, including a closer look at the giant sculpture face thing that is probably going to haunt my dreams.

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StarWarsFan2635d ago

Well, I think we can agree that the giant head isn't the Alien.

DarkBlood2635d ago

so its loosely related to Aliens as prequal but whatever happens in this movie creates the Aliens we all love and hate?

i'll admit im interested in these kinds of story if true