'Dark Knight's' Christian Bale On Why He's Starring Next in a $100 Million Chinese Movie

THR: From Nolan to Nanjing? Directed by the legendary Zhang Yimou, the Oscar winner is the first major Westerner to play a lead role in a Chinese movie with Rape of Nanking epic "The Flowers of War." In the latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter, days after "The Dark Knight Rises" filming wrapped, the pair discuss what it means for business in China, and if the language barrier mattered: "Yimou actually wanted Christian Slater but ended up with me," jokes Bale.

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alycakes3214d ago

No he's not...he knows what he's doing. He's a very busy man and he's making movies all over the place. He also knows who he likes to work with and what he likes to do. He makes about 3 movies a year.