José Padhila Tells Me What His Robocop Film Is About

BleedingCool says

I’ve just got off the phone with José Padhila, the director of the Elite Squad films and a man currently up to his ruffs in preparations for a remake of Robocop.

Later in December I’ll be sharing what José told me about the Elite Squads, including a great little lesson on the particular way that he staged and shot their action scenes. It was a very interesting conversation, and worth looking forward to.

But we did also talk about Robocop, for a minute. A very intriguing minute

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StarWarsFan3224d ago

I want this movie to be moving into production faster than it is.

alycakes3224d ago

I hope it's good...I really enjoyed the original and I would like for it to remind of that one and of course everything is so much better in quality these days but they don't necessarily come out better. I am looking forward to it.