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Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln: Presidents Like Fresh Cracked Pepper Too

MovieFone says

This should get that awful taste of 'Nine' out of your mouth. The first photo of Daniel Day-Lewis as President Abraham Lincoln in the Steven Spielberg-directed biopic 'Lincoln' has sorta arrived via Twitter, and the similarities between the two-time Oscar winner and the iconic president are uncanny. A savvy Richmond, Va. resident snapped a pic of Day-Lewis, regularly considered one of the best actors alive, at a local restaurant, where his Lincoln beard was in full bloom.

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Crazay3216d ago

HOLY CRAP! He looks so good as Abe Lincoln. I suspect this is going to be a very very good movie.

JL3216d ago

That's insane! Looks perfect in the role. I can only imagine his acting will be top-notch too of course.

Crazay3216d ago

I read somewhere that he's been practicing his accent and in character since the spring and hasn't broken since.

Crazay3216d ago

He is one hell of an actor with out a doubt. I can't see this being anything other than an Oscar worthy performance by DDL.

wildcat3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

Abe Lincoln and Daniel Day are peculiar looking fellows. Very uncommon faces.

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