LRA: Hugo - Theatrical Review

LRA writes: Hugo isn't the fantasy film it is selling itself as or the experience you might be expecting, but is that such a bad thing? It is if you feel cheated out of the fantasy adventure aspect it was promising I suppose. But I knew going into this that I was in store for something extraordinary, this was a Martin Scorsese film after all. The legendary filmmaker was attempting something I never thought he had any interest in, a family film. My mind swam with all sorts of possibilities, would it be a traditional fantasy with a more adult tone or how about something more along the lines of an adventure that both adults and kids alike could partake in but told with the deft touch of a true film artist. Alas this movie is nothing of the sort and the reason for Scorsese's interest in such a family film becomes very apparent near the end. Its magic is more akin to a fairy tale set in a more down to Earth reality. Martin Scorsese's first entry into the family film market is a wonder to behold and while most may feel this isn't the type of fantastical adventure they signed up for it still stands as one of the most magical film experiences I have had this year and is quite honestly the only family film I think Scorsese could have ever made.

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