Oscarmetrics: Is Best Actress a Lesser Award?

Grantland - Every so often, some progressive thinker in the world of awards suggests that the longstanding distinction between Best Actor and Best Actress is arbitrary and outmoded. Acting is acting, the argument goes, and if there’s no prize for, say, Best Female Director, why should women be patronized by separate-but-equal performance categories? From 1999 to 2005, the haute-austere Village Voice Film Poll, in which select critics are invited to choose rarefied favorites and grind artisanal axes, abolished the division altogether, consolidating both genders into one “best lead performance” category.

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StarWarsFan2635d ago

Acting should be divided because men and women usually play different roles, different personas, different characters. Only a guy would be able to play Lincoln, for example, but any gender could direct a movie about him.