6 VFX Movies That Have Aged Well

From TMP:

We’ve all had movies that impressed us visually, but all too often years later when we revisit them, the special effects just haven’t held up very well and leave us wondering why in the Hell we were so enamored with it before. Every now and again, however, there are films with VFX that can stand the test of time and still look great even amongst the newer and technologically advanced VFX films of today. Today, I’m presenting you with the 7 VFX films that have managed to do just that.

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darklordzor2642d ago

Seriously, I watched the Jurassic Park blu-ray (that I won from here actually!) and couldn't believe how awesome it still looked. I guess that's what happens when the movie comes from a time when such things required special care, planning, and attention to detail, and not just a "fix it in post" attitude.