Jesse Eisenberg Isn't the Star of 'Camp Hell,' and is Suing to Prove it

Inside Movies - Last week, The Social Network and Zombieland star Jesse Eisenberg filed a lawsuit against Lionsgate and Grindstone Entertainment, distributors of the low-budget horror film Camp Hell, for falsely advertising that he’s the film’s leading man to capitalize on his newfound fame and popularity. Per the suit, Eisenberg agreed to shoot a small cameo for longtime friends producing the picture in 2007, but only worked one day, for a paycheck of roughly $3,000 and less than five minutes of screen time.

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StarWarsFan2640d ago

Yeah, based on that cover, he really is the focus of that entire movie

MinimeJer052639d ago

That's hilarious. I remember seeing the cover and instantly saying to myself... why on earth would he be doing that film? He wasn't struggling THAT much was he?

Guess he wasn't.

Garethvk2639d ago

It is always a great idea in Hollywood to sue a film studio especially when your last film tanked at the Box Office. Zombieland and The Social Network will only get you so far.