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Robert Rodriguez Talks 'Spy Kids 4,' The Freedoms Of Self-Financing & His Numerous Upcoming Projects

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If there's one thing filmmaker Robert Rodriguez loves to do, it's everything. If you've even casually flipped through the special features on any one of his DVDs, you know this: the dude shoots most of his movies out of his home in Austin (where he also has post-production facilities), invites the input of family members (even the very tiny ones), and even occasionally cooks for the cast and crew. He writes, directs, scores, produces and edits all of his movies, like a post-millennial Roger Corman, cranking out exceptional B-movie product at least once a year. Last week his "Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World" made its debut on DVD and Blu-ray and we got the chance to talk to the Texas filmmaker about returning to the 'Spy Kids' well, if he ever wants to abandon his one-man-band approach, and the various projects on his plate.

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alycakes3221d ago

The one I'm waiting on is Sin City 2...he needs to get on with it.