7 Movies That Put Insane Work Into Details You Didn't Notice

Easter eggs are usually kind of a bum deal. Sure, when you finally find one it's like having a secret conversation with your favorite director ... but he's kind of a jerk, the conversation is one-sided and it's usually all about how much of a loser you are for spending a hundred hours sifting through the special features on your Firefly DVD just to find something Joss Whedon slapped together in five minutes.
What follows are the direct opposite of that: These are seven instances where the creators poured their blood, sweat and several other more unsavory fluids into creating something and put it right in front of your face ... and you didn't even notice.
Now who's the jerk, huh?

by J.F. Sargent

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StarWarsFan3219d ago

Better the details you don't notice than the mistakes everyone does notice.

alycakes3219d ago

I don't think the mistakes are noticed. There are thousands of mistakes in almost all the movies made all the time but they don't even bother fixing them because they know the audience isn't going to pay any attention to the small ones.

pomoluese3218d ago

I think if they realize it early enough they would change it but something like a fruit bowl turning into a cereal box doesn't matter. Something like Resident Evil where walls randomly appear, well it's obvious they just don't care.

alycakes3217d ago

One of my favorite is on The Last of the Mohicans. Towards the end of the movie where the British are being made to leave their fort when they are over powered by the French. They are marching in line thru the woods and valleys...soldiers,families with children, some of the malitia volunteers and indians that are friendly,etc.

If you look closely when they get attacked by the bad indians from all can see one of the people marching in line wearing a blue baseball cap.

pomoluese3217d ago

Oops. I can see with something like that where there are so many people, I mean rounding up all the people to re-shoot is probably not worth it unless the director is an extreme perfectionist with tones of money to blow around.

Recently I've been more bothered by plot holes than the visual errors like this. It won't even be big holes it'll just be something they'll say and I'm just like that's a really stupid thing to say I've lost all respect for this movie.

CPO3219d ago

We'd add Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy to the list. There are lots of similar things in there. Like building Hobbiton a year ahead of time and planting the foliage so it is grown and looks true. Or the embroidery they did on the INSIDE of actors costumes which never saw the light of day (or camera). Or how 'bout Viggo sleeping with his horse so they would bond! Lots of cool stuff.

gaden_malak3219d ago

Oh a side note, I loved

Some of the writing there is so funny.

pomoluese3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

I love Easter Eggs and DVD commentary. Some of them it's like if I were making a film it would be easy to tie them in like the numbers in Scott Pilgrim but number 1, did no one seriously die on his set and where was he getting all the money to fund this?